The Acreage

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Unfortunately, heartache and illness is only exacerbated by the economic downturn. Palm Beach County Health Department confirmed that there is an unusually high incidence of pediatric cancer in The Acreage, an area near Wellington’s horse country in Palm Beach County Florida.

The last thing these residents need is an unsympathetic bank, unwilling to work with their predicament. Many of these houses are already severely upside down and impacted by Florida’s real estate depression. They are now rendered particularly unsalable simply due to location.   In addition to the health risk (whether real or perceived) and the worthlessness of the home, these owners are confronted with the immediate problem of paying the mortgage each month on this valueless property.

Selling a home in The Acreage may not be the best option. Call us for an assessment of a solution at 561-750-6672.